Other resources:

Click to access our 2015 review of the EBNA3 proteins and our EBNA3 review in memory of Martin Allday.
You will be able to find EBV ChIP-seq data here. The range of tracks will be expanded as development time allows.
You will be able to browse our EBV microarray data here.
The EBV genome annotation map is maintained by Prof Paul Farrell. Also available as an Excel file
You can access supplementary data files from the analysis of nanopore direct RNAseq of EBV transcripts performed by June Chong.

How to access and interpret the gene expression dotplots

To find out how EBV regulates your gene of interest:

1. Published data is available without a login. For access to unpublished or restricted data you will need to login.

2. Enter Gene name/ENSEMBL Gene ID or CD ID (use % as a wildcard term)
If gene name is not found, please look up HGNC ID or Ensembl ID - a link is provided. Note that this links to the version of ENSEMBL used to generate the data.

3. Select experimental dataset

This will bring up a table of genes that fulfil the search terms, and a table of transcripts for the selected gene. Clicking on the ENSEMBL IDs in the table will take you to the ENSMBL website for that gene/trancript.
The gene level data is diplayed in the form of a dotplot. Important facets of the plot are indicated in the pair of examples below. Dotplots for individual genes and transcripts can be selected with the buttons in the table.

For more detail on the motivation behind this website, an overview of the experimental approach and the detail of the observations, click here.